Hearing Aid Batteries

Many new types of hearing aids use rechargeable batteries that do not need to be replaced regularly.  However, most hearing aids require batteries for upkeep of the device. You can purchase affordable batteries from us at any time.

Battery sizes and pricing vary, so please call us or come in to determine what’s right for you, no appointment required.  Hearing aid batteries generally come in four sizes:

  • Size 10: Yellow
  • Size 312: Brown
  • Size 13: Orange
  • Size 675: Blue

Your first year’s worth of batteries is included with your hearing aid purchase at Beck Hearing Aid Centre.  Most hearing aid batteries will last about 1 week with normal use.

A note on hearing aid batteries: Pull the tab off the battery five minutes before you plan on using the battery and insert it in your hearing aid. Studies show that this may lead to longer battery life (1-2 days longer)!