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How a Hearing Instrument Specialist Programs Your Hearing Aids

How a Hearing Instrument Specialist Programs Your Hearing Aids

A hearing aid fitting is an extremely important part of the process when it comes to getting the right hearing aid and ensuring it is adjusted properly for your ears. You may be wondering what to expect during this process. In this blog post, we will reveal how your hearing instrument specialist will go about ensuring you leave with a device that is just right for you. Below, you can find information on all of the essential steps entailed during the fitting.

Otoscopic examination

You should already be familiar with the otoscope, as you would have already had an appointment whereby your hearing was tested and a cast made from your earmold. The otoscope is the small instrument, with a light, that the hearing instrument specialist uses to look into your ears. Your hearing aid fitting will begin with a quick examination of your ears using the otoscope. Your hearing instrument specialist will check to see if there is an excess earwax, as well as having a quick look at your ear canal’s shape. This will come in useful later in the fitting, during the real ear measurement.

Physical fit is checked

The next part of the fitting is the physical fit. If an earmold was required for your style of hearing aid, then an impression would have been taken at your last appointment. During this appointment, the hearing instrument specialist is concerned with ensuring that your mold fits the ear properly and comfortably. So, the hearing instrument specialist will insert the earmold and assess the fit. You will then insert and remove the earmold, usually a number of times, with the hearing instrument specialist’s instructions. The earmold will need to be remade if it is uncomfortable or it does not fit properly. Please make sure you speak up if you find the earmold uncomfortable. If it does not fit you properly, this can result in feedback problems such as whistling.

Real ear measurement

Your hearing instrument specialist is going to check that your hearing aid has been programmed correctly during this part of the hearing fitting. They will then spend time adjusting the hearing device until it is perfectly suited to your personal preferences and your individual hearing needs. It is worth pointing out at this point that you will return for an appointment to check that your hearing aid is working to an optimal level. After all, once you have used it for a period of time, you may find slight tweaks are needed. Nevertheless, during the real ear measurement, the hearing instrument specialist will insert your hearing device. A small tube will then run next to the aid, stopping between the eardrum and the earmold. The tube will be connected to a minuscule microphone outside of the ear. This special software and equipment enable the hearing instrument specialist to see how sound is being transmitted to the ear from the device. During this process, any fine-tuning adjustments can be made so that you benefit from the best possible hearing experience.

Care instructions

Before your appointment has concluded, your hearing instrument specialist is going to provide you with instructions on how to care for your hearing aid correctly. He or she will probably show you a few steps you can take to maintain your device properly too. It is important that you pay attention to what your hearing instrument specialist says, as your hearing aid is going to need to be kept as dry as possible and it needs to be cleaned on a daily basis as well. Don’t be afraid to take a notebook with you if you would like to write down the instructions so that you don’t forget. Your hearing instrument specialist will also show you how to insert and change the batteries too, as well as talking you through how you can change the settings on your hearing device. After all, you may need to adjust your hearing device depending on the environment.

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