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Celebrating over 50 years in London

Beck Hearing Aid Centre is proud to be one of the oldest independently operated hearing clinics in London and Southwestern Ontario, celebrating 50 years in 2019.  We are a family owned and operated clinic, and pride ourselves on our unsurpassed, patient-centred care.

At Beck Hearing Aid Centre, we believe that better hearing means better living, and our goal is to provide the best individualized hearing healthcare for every lifestyle and every budget.

Hearing Care Services

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What to Expect

Free hearing test
and consultation

Patient History

Your hearing healthcare specialist will ask about your medical history, hearing loss symptoms, and any particular words or sounds you’re struggling to hear. They will want to know about your lifestyle, medications, and any history of head or ear trauma.

Physical Examination

The specialist will look inside your ears and check for any abrasions, impacted wax, or other issues. You can see inside your own ear canals if desired, using our video otoscope.


Your hearing healthcare specialist will conduct a series of tests in our large, sound-proof booth to determine if you have hearing loss and at what frequencies, how you process speech in noise, and what your word recognition is like. They will also test the tympanic pressure in your middle ear.


Once the testing is completed, the specialist will explain the results and offer advice on hearing loss or tinnitus treatment, cerumen (wax) management, and further testing. This is the time to ask any questions and make sure you are clear on your results. There is never any pressure to purchase anything.


of people aged 45-87 have some degree of hearing loss (StatsCan 2013). Book your appointment with Beck and take action today and see how we can help.

Myth #1

I only have mild hearing loss. It’s not a big deal, I can wait until it’s worse to seek help.


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Do you find yourself withdrawing from social events because you have trouble hearing people’s words?  Is it difficult to understand your grandchildren, or hear in a crowded restaurant?  Don’t let something as common and easily treatable as hearing loss slow you down.

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Myth #2

Hearing aids are big and ugly. Only older people need and wear hearing aids.


of people with hearing loss would benefit from the use of a hearing aid. Today’s technology is powerful and discreet, and most of our devices are less noticeable than eyeglasses.

Virtual Tour

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Beck Hearing Clinic!

Take a look inside our clinic and get familiar with the surroundings before your appointment. Our accessible facility is located at 458 Central Avenue Unit 2 with FREE parking available off of the Maitland Street Entrance.

Think You might have hearing loss?

Take our free, five-minute online screening to get a better understanding of your hearing health. It can determine if a professional evaluation is right for you.

Consumer's Guide To Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

Before deciding on your hearing aid purchase, get informed by reading our guide for consumers to make the best choice for you and your needs. 

Over 20 pages of free information, you need to know before purchasing hearing aids. This informative content is FREE and we would love to help you answer any questions that you may have. 

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Hear what people say about us!

Rob Wright
Rob Wright
The Staff at Beck were Friendly, Professional and literally tuned in to my needs. I would recommend Beck to Family & Friends.
Mike Basler
Mike Basler
The service at Beck Hearing was very thorough and professional. The atmosphere was pleasant and the technologist explained every step of the process in detail. Next year’s checkup is booked !
Nadine Wagstaff
Nadine Wagstaff
very sweet Dr. she is so kind, patient gives detail and asks questions if u have any concerns and answers the questions. makes u feel special.
Brian Rastall
Brian Rastall
Great experience staff very friendly and got me in immediately to solve my hearing problem, Paula was fantastic great experience.
Martha Cosan
Martha Cosan
This is the only hearing aid centre I have gone to. The staff has always been friendly and good. This location is better with free parking. The new audiologist is terrific.
Dean O'Neil
Dean O'Neil
I have been receiving Beck Hearing Aid Centre services for my hearing loss since 2014. They have been there for me at every step. After receiving my first hearing aid in 2014 I realized what I had been missing and I am now able to continue to enjoy the sounds that bring me joy. Nature, social events, music, movies and basic conversations all feel normal and natural. They have a wide range of products that I was able to try out before finding the one that was right for me and they have great caring and knowledgeable staff.
Jose Alves
Jose Alves
I’m really pleased with the services provided by Beck Hearing Aid Centre.
Richard Lemaire
Richard Lemaire
Thank you for keeping in contact with me and the new place is really nice to go to and for checking out my hearing aids.

Beck Hearing Aid Centre


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