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How Does Hearing Loss Impact Your Life?

How Does Hearing Loss Impact Your Life?

Hearing loss is something that affects many people over various stages of their lives. While it is something that becomes more common as you progress through life, it can be something that is experienced by anyone and at any stage in their life.

There are several ways that hearing loss can impact your life, which is why it’s always important to understand the sooner you seek help for your issues, the sooner you can resume your normal life and conversations.

If you are experiencing any of the ways discussed in this article in which hearing loss can impact your life, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Beck Hearing Aid Centre.

Day-to-day conversations can become harder to understand clearly

When talking to friends, family and loved ones, you may find that you have trouble picking out words and phrases. If the speaker is not looking directly toward you, then you may well find that words get dropped.

If you notice yourself repeatedly asking others to say something again so that you can hear it, then this is a sign that you are experiencing hearing loss, and a hearing aid can help you here.

Your television may need to be turned up loud

One of the earliest signs that you are experiencing hearing loss is that you will slowly have increased the level that your TV is kept at. If others tell you to turn your TV down, then this may be an indicator that you are having hearing loss because you probably feel that you need it at that volume to hear it fully.

Wearing a hearing aid can help dramatically here. There will be no need to have the TV set turned up so loud as you will hear much clearer.

Conversations in busy places become impossible to follow

If you are someone who enjoys eating out, visiting bars or even taking trips to the shopping center with friends, then you may have noticed that you don’t hear others speaking to you when you are in a busy place.

Lots of background noise can often make it very difficult to understand the words that people are saying to you, and as such, your brain may struggle to process words and phrases. Often this can leave someone who is experiencing hearing loss feel left out of the conversation. Over time this may cause feelings of isolation.

This can be improved greatly through the use of a hearing aid. Having the relevant sounds picked up and amplified for your brain to highlight them will mean that you won’t lose the thread of conversations.

Phone conversations can become tricky

If you are finding that when you are on the phone, you cannot pick out certain words that people are hearing, then this may be representative of hearing loss. Phone conversations differ from those that are held face-to-face, and you may not be able to pick up many of the things that people say. You may think that the phone’s speaker being close to your ear will enhance the sound, but often this is not the case.

There are many factors that may affect the quality of the sounds that you hear on a call. Firstly, your location. If there are any background noises in the place that you use the phone, then this can be a challenge. Secondly, background noises where the caller is will also affect your ability to hear the call. In addition to this, any interference or issues in the quality of the call may impact it, as well as the speaker’s proximity from the microphone.

During face-to-face conversations, there are lots of ways that you would be able to help yourself to understand the person speaking with you. Being able to read their lips and pick up on additional information from body language can sometimes help fill in blanks given by the loss of hearing.

Hearing aids can help in phone conversations by improving the amount that you can hear, but they are also useful in the fact that many smartphones can connect directly with your hearing aid in order to provide you enhanced hearing. Check to see if you have a hearing aid compatible smartphone.

If you would like more information on how untreated hearing loss can impact your life, talk to the professionals at Beck Hearing Aid Centre by calling (519) 438-0492. If we determine you have a hearing loss present, we will work with you to find the best solution for your specific needs.


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