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How to Increase the Life of a Hearing Aid?

How to Increase the Life of a Hearing Aid?

You rely on your hearing aids to get you through you daily interactions. Understanding how to protect, care for and maintain your devices is crucial to ensuring you get the most out of your hearing aids.

Taking care of your batteries

Batteries are one of the most common issues when taking care of your hearing aids, they are small, can get lost and run out of power easily. But there are some things you can do to ensure that the life of your hearing aid batteries is extended and protected, this will mean fewer trips to get them fixed and much less time thinking about where you are going to get the batteries from or how much time is left before you need to change them.

Rechargeable batteries are a good idea and many hearing aid wearers have reported finding a great reduction in time and money spent on batteries when using rechargeable. These also provide a level of safety when not being used in the form of little charging pods, which can be very useful. Keeping batteries in a cool dry place will also extend the life of them, this is important to remember as sometimes when we are changing hearing aids or batteries, this can be done in the bathroom, so remembering to remove them from a damp atmosphere is important.

Another thing that people tend to do Is remove the sticker from the battery too soon. The battery life starts reducing from the moment that the sticker is removed. So, if you have printed using them, and remove the stickers already, they may not last as long as you would hope. As well as this there are expiration dates on these batteries as well, so keeping a close eye on this is important.

Some other tips for keeping your battery life long is to open the battery door at night and remove the batteries if you are going to be leaving them and used for any length of time. As with all batteries they need space to stay healthy.

Cleaning your device

It goes without saying that keeping your hearing aids clean can help keep them in good health and working order. But at the end of every day, you should take time to wipe the hearing aid with a cloth, just to make sure that any dust or debris that builds up during the day is removed quickly.

Making sure that the earmold is also clear of any buildup from earwax or external dirt, is going to see a great improvement in the Length of time your hearing aid is productive. Not only should you clean the hearing aid at the end of the day, but ensuring that your ears themselves are clean to start with, helps reduce the amount of build-up that you’re hearing aids are exposed to in the first place. This is a win-win situation since keeping your ears clean prevents infection and ensures blockages are kept at a minimum.

So, once you know what time of day you are going to be removing your hearing aids, you can add in cleaning them and your ears to your schedule as well. This way you will know that you are doing your absolute best to ensure a good healthy and productive life span for your hearing aids.

Avoid moisture

Of course, moisture and electrical items never go well together, but having too much moisture in your hearing aid can, of course, cause damage over time, and prevent you from getting the best out of your hearing aid and the batteries within it. Making sure that you are not leaving your device in contact with any moisture or leaving it where water may get to it, is a very good starting point.

But many people have started turning to dehumidifiers to store the hearing device they own in overnight. If you purchase a dehumidifier, then this reduces the likelihood of any damage to your hearing aid caused by moisture. There are some good options available to buy, and your hearing instrument specialist (HIS) will be able to help you.

So, once you have plotted any moisture away and safely stored your hearing aids in the dehumidifier, you can be sure that you are preventing moisture damage to your essential hearing aids.

Sometimes it is unavoidable getting moisture in your device, getting caught in a rain shower or accidentally splashing water on them, are two common problems, but doing your very best to keep them dry in the first place and rectifying any problems immediately will ensure your devices are safe and secure.

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