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Using Your Hearing Aids with a Smartphone

Using Your Hearing Aids with a Smartphone

It is time to start looking for new hearing aids. If you are like most people, this may not be something that you have given much thought to. You may even think that it is impossible to use your smartphone with your hearing aids! However, that’s not the case at all; there are many things that you can do with a smartphone and your hearing aids.

How Can You Use Your Hearing Aid with Your Smartphone?

You may sometimes forget to recharge your hearing aids, and that is okay. You can plug them into a smartphone for about five minutes and then use the battery power from the phone to charge up! It doesn’t take too long, which means you won’t have much downtime if your batteries are running low.

It can be frustrating when people don’t speak clearly or loud enough so that you understand them properly. However, with smartphones being as popular as they are today, there are apps out there designed specifically for this type of thing. For example, there’s an app called hear that allows other people to connect with their mobile device via Wi-Fi in order to help those who need it hear what they’re saying better through real-time voice-boosting.

There are a few apps out there for smartphones that will help you to get the most from your hearing aids, so take some time and do a little research if you have one of these devices. It is easy enough to get started with them, even though they can be considered complicated at first glance! In order to use any type of mobile device in today’s world, it takes work and effort on both parts, yours as well as theirs.

While this may seem like too much hassle in the beginning, using your hearing aid with your smartphone isn’t all that difficult once you know how – and when combined together, they make life better than ever before!

What Are the Benefits of Using Your Smartphone with Your Hearing Aid?

Some benefits of using your smartphone with your hearing aid are:

  • The ability to control volume levels based on environmental noise.
  • Not having to remove or turn off the hearing aids when answering calls, as you would normally do if the call were coming from an iPhone.
  • The ability to switch between one and two ears for both TV watching and phone use. There are several different ways that we can connect our digital devices such as MP3 players, tablets, laptops and phones to our world of sound from hearing aids.

How Does a Smartphone Connect to a Hearing Aid?

There are several different ways that we can connect our digital devices such as MP players, tablets, laptops and phones to our world of sound. The most common way is Bluetooth technology, which is already built into many smartphones like the iPhone.

What Features Are Available When Using My Hearing Aid with My Smartphone?

There are many features to choose from, depending on the brand and type of hearing aids you have. The most common feature that is available when using your smartphone with hearing aids is Sound Matching. It can be enabled through your phone settings or via the app used for managing Smart App capability.

All Phonak Apple iOS compatible devices offer sound quality controls like setting volume levels based on the background noise level in real-time, audiogram view where users can see how their listening experience has changed over time, ability to switch between one and two ears for both TV watching and phone use.

Each hearing aid brand has an app that can connect with your smartphone. What is the difference between each app? Each brand has a free version of their app as well as an upgraded paid professional or premium subscription service that offers more features. In addition to using your smartphone with your hearing aids through Bluetooth technology, you can do many other things with your hearing aids and digital devices.

For more information regarding hearing aids and how you can benefit from connecting them with your smartphone, feel free to contact us at (888) 618-3778 and Beck Hearing Aid Centre will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have! We carry a wide range of hearing devices and can ensure you will find a match for your lifestyle and technology needs.


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