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What Is Included In The Cost Of Hearing Aids?

What Is Included In The Cost Of Hearing Aids?

Your hearing aid is an amazing combination of digital, wireless technology and circuitry that took years of research and development to improve to the point we’re at now – discreet but powerful, low energy Bluetooth ®, rechargeable and able to reconnect you to the world around you.  On their own, they are the result of several companies around the globe constantly researching, creating, and improving nano-technology, and are a valuable, cutting-edge digital device.

Added to the value of your modern technological gadgets is the hearing healthcare that goes along with them.


It is important to note that none of the hearing healthcare services you receive are covered by OHIP.  Your hearing test, consultation with our specialist, and hearing aid recommendation are done as a courtesy.  If you decide to purchase hearing aids, your fitting, follow-ups, adjustments and annual assessments, as well as your in-warranty clean & checks, in-house repairs, all accessories and troubleshooting are included in the purchase price.  At Beck Hearing Aid Centre, we also provide the first year’s batteries free of charge.

Hearing healthcare is a journey, and we are honoured that you have chosen Beck to guide you on this journey.  There may be some fees along the way to ensure that we can always provide you with optimum care and the best technologies available, but we promise that we will always deliver the best value and care in London, and your hearing aids will be worth every penny.



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