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Surprising Sounds You’ll Notice With Your New Hearing Aids

Surprising Sounds You’ll Notice With Your New Hearing Aids

Getting a new hearing aid can be the cause of a lot of excitement. Hearing aids can open up a world of possibilities for you. Once you get a brand-new hearing aid, you will be better able to hear and grasp what is going on around you. All the sounds that you have been missing out on will suddenly become available to you. You can feel like you have gotten a whole new lease on life.

Your Hair

One thing you will definitely notice when you get a new hearing aid is the sound your hair makes when you are brushing it. However, this is just one of the sounds that your hearing aid will pick up on.

You will also hear, unique sounds when you towel dry your hair or even pull it back in a ponytail. When you wear your hair down you will notice the sounds that the wind makes when it is whipping through your hair as well.

Traffic Noises

When you get your new hearing aid you will be able to hear road traffic a lot more clearly. All the sounds from cars, trucks and buses will be clearer. This is a good thing especially if you are a pedestrian because you can be more easily alerted to the danger around you. It is not just the sounds of buses, trucks and cars that you will be able to hear.

If you take a train, you will find the sounds are sharper and that you’re more aware of them.

Ticking Sounds

Once you get your hearing aid, you are likely to hear sounds such as a clock ticking. You will also be able to hear the sound of your watch if you have one.

All these sounds are marvelous and it can be like discovering life all over again, especially if you have not been able to hear them for a while. You will need to take some time to get yourself used to these sounds once again.

Biting and Chewing Sounds

Once you get your new hearing aid you might be surprised at how louder chewing and swallowing sounds become. This is often one of the most surprising sounds and the loudest. This is not surprising since your ear is so close to your mouth.

It can take a while to get used to these sounds again because they can seem very loud. However, over time your hearing will adjust.

The Whipping of the Wind

Another sound that your hearing aid maximizes to its fullest is the whipping of the wind. Wind noise can be problematic for those who wear hearing aids. It can affect the microphone and cause some very irritating feedback.

The good news is that many hearing aid makers have taken this into consideration and they are now making hearing aids to minimize this sound as much as possible.

Even though this is the case you may still have difficulty with how the wind interacts with your hearing aid. It will take a while for you to get used to it, but you can experiment with your hearing aid settings to deal with this issue.

The Sound of Your Voice

This may be the amplified sound that is most surprising out of all. Getting used to hearing your own voice at higher decibels can be strange at first. When you’re wearing a hearing aid your voice will be louder. You may have to train yourself to speak more softly.

If you are irritated by your voice, then this issue will usually clear itself up as you begin to talk more. You can read books aloud to start getting used to the sound of your own voice once again.

The barking of your dog or the meowing of your cat can also become louder, once you get your hearing aids. You may also find that your singing voice sounds unusually amplified. All this is normal and will resolve itself with time.

Getting Used to Sounds

Getting used to the sounds again can be overwhelming especially if you’ve been having a rapid decline in your hearing for a while. When you first get your hearing aid all the sounds that are coming at you can feel confusing. The good news is that as your ears adjust, you will find yourself getting used to these sounds and their loudness.

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