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My Family Member Had Hearing Aids and They Hated Them

My Family Member Had Hearing Aids and They Hated Them

We hear this often.

My grandmother had hearing aids and they didn’t help.  She couldn’t stand the way they felt in her ears and they didn’t help her hear in loud environments.

My friend tried hearing aids and they kept falling out of his ears.  They were supposed to be discreet but they were totally obvious.

My dad wore hearing aids but still needed to turn the TV up and had trouble understanding what we were saying to him.

Wearing Hearing Aids

There are so many factors that affect a person’s experience with hearing aids. No two people have the same hearing loss, the same lifestyle needs, or the same ear size and anatomy. A successful fitting and a positive outcome depend on things like the hearing aid technology level and style, the patience and expectations of the wearer, and the quality of the care provided by the hearing healthcare specialist.

It is key that the hearing aid wearer understands what the technology can, and maybe more importantly, can’t do.  Hearing aids are not like eyeglasses that completely restore lost vision instantly and comfortably.  Your brain needs time to work back up to the level of hearing that’s been gradually lost, and it can take time and practice.  Some hearing can never be restored, and it can be disappointing for a new wearer if they think it will be an immediate and perfect result.

Often, a new hearing aid wearer wants to try a style that isn’t optimal for their anatomy, like an in-the-ear custom device.  Some products that are marketed as near invisible will not sit low enough in the ear canal on everyone to be as discreet as expected, and can’t be used for some hearing losses.  It is important to work with the hearing care professional to find the right device for your lifestyle and needs.

Hearing Care Professionals

Finally, a good hearing care professional will be patient with first time users, and allow as many trials and adjustments as it takes to find the most beneficial solution. If your hearing specialist dismisses your concerns, or tells you that issues like discomfort or feedback are normal, you need to find a new specialist.  A hearing aid is a significant investment, and should always come with a 2-3 year warranty, as well as a loss & damage warranty, and a free service period.  At Beck Hearing, you will enjoy free appointments, adjustments, cleaning, inspections and annual hearing tests for the full warranty period, as well as batteries for the first year.  We also offer home visits to ensure everyone is getting the most out of their hearing aids, and using them properly.

If you or a loved one is hesitant about how effective hearing aids might be, please contact us for a free consultation.


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