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Patient Testimonials

Excellent experience with Beck. Staff is welcoming and friendly, also knowledgeable with the products they use, and diligent to know the needs of the client. Most accommodating when making appointments. I called Beck because of recommendation, and happy to pass along my recommendation.

Harvey W.

I came to Beck Hearing Centre after neglecting to do something about my hearing for years. They tended to my questions and needs in a professional, patient and caring manner. Everything they promised they delivered.

I did a lot of research on manufacturers, prices and personal care before coming here and found them to be the best in all categories. I know they have been helping Londoners hear better for a long time.

M. E. Phelps Berkshire Village London, ON

"I recently had to get something done regarding my hearing, and was told by a friend to go to Beck Hearing Aid Centre.

On entering the office, I was greeted by a pleasant young lady sitting at her desk and she told me I should have a seat for a moment as she had to look after some other clients.  While I was sitting waiting I was impressed by her honest, pleasant way of talking to the people standing at her desk.  There was no pushing to get them to think highly of the office as is quite often.  They came away from the meeting with very pleasant looks on their faces.

When they were called to go into the office of the young lady who was going to look after their hearing problem, I was called to the desk.

Again, I was impressed by the friendly, professional way that she spoke to me.  She took down a great deal of information that I was giving her, and did it with a smile and certainly professional way.

After a short length of time, I was called to go and see the young lady who was going to look after arrangements for my hearing aid.  This also was done in a very friendly, professional way.

While I was sitting in her office, she explained everything she was doing regarding my hearing aids.  She didn't leave anything out and she was most professional.

I then was introduced to the new owner.  He is also a very friendly person and most helpful.  I feel that this company will go on and on for many years because they seem to coordinate.  Easy and friendly to people coming into the office."

Bill Weir, Veteran

I became aware in my business and social circles that I constantly had to have people repeat words spoken to me, particularly females, so I arranged to have a free Beck Hearing Test which was comfortably done.
It was determined quickly that I had lost much of my high frequency hearing and thus the ability to decipher words spoken.
Beck solved my problem quickly by prescribing the correct hearing devices using their advanced computer process.
This unobtrusive assistance has improved the quality of my life.

Hon.John Getliffe Q.C.

Beck Hearing Staff:
I would truly like to thank you all for the wonderful service I get whenever I seem to have a problem with my dad's hearing aids.  I feel like I know you all so well and Kayla is always so understanding, especially when I feel like I call quite often.  Kayla makes me feel welcoming like the "come on in and we will fix up your dad's problems or tune up his aids".  Ashley is so friendly and when we leave all finished the appointment we feel so at ease and don't think twice to call back if they still need a little more tweaking.  This has turned out to be a great experience considering my dad would have never agreed to hearing aids before but your staff has made it a great experience.  

Thank you 
Angie Kalus