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Back to School Hearing Healthcare Considerations

Back to School Hearing Healthcare Considerations

  1. Does your student sometimes wear hearing protection at school due to sensitivity to noises in their environment?  As they get older, students often do not want to stand out with a heavy set of earmuffs, or they may find that communication with the teacher and their peers is difficult.  If you are looking for alternatives for your sound-sensitive student, a visit to Beck Hearing can help.  We offer several solutions, including custom ear plugs in fun colours and designs, and can provide helpful advice for dealing with unwanted noise.

  2. Has your child had their hearing tested?  It isn’t always obvious when a student is struggling to hear a lesson, or discriminate speech in a busy environment.  But hearing loss can be a key contributor to learning difficulties.  Hearing loss in children can result in lower confidence, speech impediments, depression, and withdrawal from social engagement.  Beck Hearing offers hearing assessments for people of all ages, with an experienced audiologist on staff to test children.

  3. young girl putting on hearing aid for listeningIt is harder than ever to ensure our children and teens are listening at safe levels.  With modern technology, they are spending more time than ever on digital devices, most often with headphones or ear pods.  Generally, it is safe to listen to these devices at a 60% volume level, but even that can result in permanent damage over prolonged periods. Concerts and live events can be dangerously loud, and attendees of all ages should ensure they are wearing hearing protection to prevent noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

  4. Is your student an athlete?  Blows to the head and ears can cause permanent damage and should be avoided by wearing proper safety equipment and helmets during contact sports and other sports with an inherent risk of injury (ie: being hit by a ball, falling off a bike).  If your student is a swimmer or diver, Beck Hearing offers custom swim plugs to keep the water out and prevent infections and “swimmer’s ear”.

  5. Does your child have tubes in their ears?  Surgically inserting small metal or plastic cylinders into the eardrum is a common way of preventing recurrent ear infections, by creating an airway that ventilates the middle ear and prohibits the accumulation of fluids behind the eardrum.  It is important to keep water out of the ear canal after this procedure, and custom swim plugs are the most effective way to ensure the inner ear stays dry.

If you have any hearing health questions or would like to have your hearing assessed, please contact Beck Hearing at (888) 618-3778.  Advice, consultations, and adult hearing tests are always free.


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